Ingredients & Safety

Will my dog get 'high' from TRUE HEMP™ products?

Is there CBD in your TRUE HEMP™ products?

Are your dog products safe for my cat?

Why did you change the True Spirit™ formula to TRUE HEMP™ HIP+JOINT?

How is the hemp oil processed?

How much TRUE HEMP™ can I give at a time and in a day?

What if my dog accidentally eats the whole package?

Where does your hemp come from?

What is hemp and how will it help my dog?

What is L-theanine and how will it help my dog?

Ordering & Shipping

Where can I buy your products?

Do you offer coupons, discounts or free samples?

What is the processing time for orders?

What are the shipping parameters?

Where does my order ship from?

Retailers & Wholesale

I have a retail store, can I carry your products?

Charities & Causes

Will True Leaf Pet™ donate to my event or cause?

Investor Information

Can I invest in True Leaf?

Where would I find more investor related info?

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